What license do I need and what is covered

When it comes to adding music to your TikTok videos, our personal license is your all-inclusive solution. No matter the number of video views or subscribers, this single license caters to all your social media requirements.

However, if your content is for paid advertising purposes, our Pro or Ultimate licenses are for you.

Rest assured, all our licenses come with transparency and no additional fees. Simply pick the plan that suits your needs (or opt for pay-per-track), and dive into your creative ventures with peace of mind.


TikTok copyright claims

TikTok copyright claims are legal actions taken by copyright holders to protect their intellectual property from unauthorised use on the TikTok platform. These claims primarily target videos that incorporate copyrighted music, images, videos, or other creative content without the proper permissions or licenses. Here's a breakdown of TikTok copyright claims:

Licensing Music: TikTok has partnerships with various music labels, allowing users access to a library of licensed music. Using these songs can prevent copyright issues, as long as the music is used within TikTok's terms of use.

Original Content: The safest way to avoid copyright claims is by creating entirely original content. This includes using your own music, videos, and images or obtaining the necessary licenses or permissions for any third-party content you wish to include in your videos. 

For all your music needs we have you covered here at Universal Sounds.


Browse our library

All of our music is available to use on TikTok. Select from our filters to help you navigate to the perfect track for your content. Filter the duration to ensure it fits perfectly.


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