What license do I need and what is covered

Here are the three option to help you understand which license you need to music in your trailers.

Personal - trailers released on web based platforms only

Pro - trailers released on Web, TV and Radio

Ultimate - trailers released on all the above and also VOD platforms


How to find the right music for my content

Locating the perfect music for your trailers can be a time-intensive process. That's why we offer a distinctive solution through our sound packs. Our selection includes a range of sound packs tailored for trailers, each equipped with a rich array of music and sounds to elevate your content in unprecedented ways. If you prefer, we also offer refined search filters to assist you in pinpointing the ideal music for your specific requirements.


Going the extra mile

Still can't find the perfect soundtrack for your trailers, then subscribe to our Ultimate subscription model where together we can create the perfect soundtrack for your content. We provide our Ultimate subscribers one free piece of music specifically tailored for their content


For information on creating epic trailers please read our blog on the subject below

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