What license do I need and what is covered

To utilise our music in any paid advertising content, you'll require our Pro license. However, if you're handling paid advertising campaigns on behalf of clients or businesses, our Ultimate license is necessary. This license is all-encompassing, without any constraints on revenue or the size of your team, ensuring it covers all your creative requirements seamlessly.


How to find the right music for my content

Utilising music in paid advertising is a powerful tool for crafting memorable and emotionally resonant campaigns. Music has the ability to evoke feelings, set the tone, and enhance the overall impact of an advertisement. Whether it's a catchy jingle, an iconic soundtrack, or a carefully selected background tune, the right music can help establish a strong brand identity, connect with the target audience, and drive engagement. 


We have carefully created the following filters to help you find the perfect music for your content, no matter what it is.

Mood and emotions - Align the music's mood with your video content.

To be used for - Choose the intended purpose of your music, such as advertising, fashion, and many more options...

BPM - Striving to sync up with the tempo? No worries, we've added a BPM filter to assist in ensuring a smooth blend with your content.

Genre's - Simplify your search by starting with genre categories, and if you wish, narrow down your selection from there.

Energy - Does your content possess low, moderate, or high energy levels? Consider aligning it with music of corresponding intensity to accentuate your narrative effectively.

Duration - Whether you're in search of music for brief TikTok videos and YouTube shorts or require something for lengthier ads, rest assured, we offer a range of options. Simply specify your desired duration.


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