At Universal Sounds we believe in the importance of allowing musical artists to share their musical creations with the world. That is why we encourage all musical artists to work with us and together we can build a unique library of music and sounds.


We accept both Exclusive and Non-exclusive music but encourage more exclusive music, therefore offering a higher rate to artists.

Things to check before you upload:

  • You own the full rights to the music
  • You can provide the music in both MP3 and WAV formats
  • You can provide your own cover art (this will be displayed against all your music on the site) 
  • Your tracks/songs submitted are not registered in any content identification system, for example YouTube content ID or similar content ID systems
  • Your tracks are not available for free to download elsewhere
  • Your tracks are not listed for use on a platform that has registered, or may register, your content for digital monetisation or copyright protection

Apply Below and Join Our Team of Musical Creators