"Imagination creates reality"

Richard Wagner

For Our Customers

We wanted to make licensing as simple as possible for you! That is why we offer three simple licensing options which between them cover all of your content creations whatever the scale of your productions, whether you are a small content producer or a major film studio, our personal, pro or ultimate licenses will have you covered.

Finding the right piece of music for your content can be tricky, that is why we have carefully created our filters to make this search easier, providing an enjoyable experience as you find your sound in this musical universe. 

We take pride in delivering great quality products to our customers and ensure you always have the perfect piece of music whatever your production needs. 

Our Features

Our aim is to make licensing as simple as possible while providing great music to our customers! We have carefully created the following features to help inspire your next project:

  • Great search filters to help you quickly find the right track for your project
  • Free library of exclusive music to inspire more creators
  • Simple licenses without any confusion
  • Specially created sound packs that include a pallet of music and sounds to suit any project
  • All music is cleared for use on any platform
  • A continually expanding library along with professional support to help you find the right sound for your projects
  • All of our music is expertly mastered using state of the art hardware providing you with the best possible sound

Are you ready to start your musical journey?