Can I cancel my subscription at any time and what happens to my projects where I’ve used music from this site?

Yes you’re free to cancel at any time. All content published under an active subscription will stay cleared forever.

Does my license cover projects I’m hired for on behalf of clients?

Yes, you will simply need either a Pro or Ultimate Subscription, or you can select the Pro/Ultimate license if you are paying per track.

Does my license expire?

No, your licenses are granted in perpetuity meaning they last forever.

Can I use music downloaded to make my own song/remix?

No, the music within our library is granted to be used as part of your multimedia project and should not be distributed as a product exclusively. You can however cut, filter and add voice-overs for your video or film.

What happens if I subscribe and decide I want to cancel?

No problem, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

If I subscribe will I be limited to the number of tracks I can download on any of these subscriptions?

No, you may download as much content as you need.

What if I receive a third party claim through YouTube?

Firstly you shoudn't receive any claims through YouTube as we only accept music on our platform not registered with their content ID system. If however you do receive a claim, simply show your music license for that particular piece of music and the claim will be dropped.

Can I use your free music in my videos

Yes, we offer a free library of music which is continually updated. All of our free-music is to be used within the guidelines of a personal subscription, allowing one channel to be monetised per platform. Simply credit in your video description and you’re good to go.