What license do I need and what is covered

When considering incorporating music into your Instagram videos, our personal license offers a comprehensive solution. Irrespective of your video's view count or followers.

Yet, if your content serves for paid advertising objectives, our Pro or Ultimate license is an essential choice. 

You can be confident that all our licenses are transparent and free of hidden fees. Merely choose the plan that aligns with your requirements (or opt for pay-per-track), and embark on your creative endeavours with confidence.


Instagram copyright claims

Instagram's copyright claims are legal actions taken by copyright holders to protect their intellectual property on the platform. These claims typically target posts and content that incorporate copyrighted music, images, videos, or other creative material without proper authorisation. When a copyright violation is detected, Instagram may remove the infringing content, restrict the account, or impose other penalties. Users should be aware of copyright laws and Instagram's policies to avoid copyright claims and potential repercussions.

Avoid copyright claims on your instagram videos today by using Universal Sounds music and ensure peace of mind. 


Browse our library

You have the freedom to use all of our music on Instagram. Utilise our filters to easily discover the ideal track for your content. Adjust the duration filter to ensure it seamlessly fits your needs.


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