What license do I need and what is covered

For music on YouTube our personal license will cover all your needs. There's no restriction on views, subscribers, simply one license to cover all your social media requirements. 

If you are working on behalf of a client/business, please see our Pro and Ultimate plans.


What is a copyright claim on YouTube

A copyright claim, particularly in the context of platforms like YouTube, refers to the process by which copyright holders assert their rights over content that they believe has been used without proper authorisation. This often involves using automated tools like Content ID, which scans uploaded videos for copyrighted material such as music, visuals, or other forms of creative content.


Avoiding Copyright Claims

You should never receive a copyright claim when using music from our platform, this is because we ensure the music we select from artists is not registered with any content ID systems, such as YouTube, and therefore eliminates the risk of copyright strikes. If however the unexpected should happen, don't worry as with every download/purchase you will receive a copy of the license agreement which details your rights to use that particular piece of music. Simply dispute the claim and show evidence of your Universal Sounds license and submit. 



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