Sound Packs

What are our Sound Packs

Our Sound Packs are our innovative solution for creators like you, providing efficient access to unique, high-quality music. Crafted exclusively by our in-house musicians, they enhance your creative workflow and save you time searching for the perfect music.

Why we created them

At Universal Sounds, we understand the challenges of finding the right content music. That's where our Sound Packs come in, streamlining your video production with cohesive music and themes. Our goal is to provide top-notch tools for enjoyable content creation. If you have a theme or need custom sounds, contact us for the perfect solution.

Variety and structure

Our Sound Packs offer distinct characters with elements like tracks, effects, and percussion. Some create anticipation through variations before the main track, enhancing audience engagement. The advantage of our Sound Packs lies in their seamless integration with your content. Say goodbye to mismatched sounds – our packs ensure flawless harmony between your videos and music every time.

Searching for the right Sound Pack for your Videos

Just as with our extensive music library, we've ensured that our search filters remain fully functional when you're on the hunt for the ideal Sound Packs to enhance your videos.

Do I need to be on a certain subscription plan and can I pay per pack?

Our Sound Packs are exclusive to Pro and Ultimate license subscribers, offering broader distribution and exclusive content benefits. While we don't have a pay-per-pack option now, we're working to make it accessible in the future, ensuring everyone can benefit from these resources.

Free Sound Pack for signing up, tell me more

To express our gratitude for creating an account with Universal Sounds, we're delighted to offer you a complimentary Sound Pack, and there are more to look forward to in the future. By signing up today, you'll receive an exclusive Sound Pack as our token of appreciation. But that's not all; we have plans to create and share additional Sound Packs free of charge in the upcoming months. If you're seeking outstanding music, hassle-free licensing, exclusive Sound Packs, and access to a free music library, take the step to create an account today and receive your complimentary Sound Pack gift from us.